Meatsmack is dedicated to changing the way you think of BBQ Sauce & Rub.  We do NOT produce smoke flavored ketchup!  And, we do NOT sell you 1/3 of a jar of sugar!  We produce a bold flavor profile across all of our products to compliment any meat - while maintaining all natural ingredients with no high fructose corn syrup, no gluten, and absolutely no liquid smoke!    

How did we start?

Meatsmack started as a challenge:  Create a better BBQ sauce than the artificially flavored sweet sauces sold in stores.  After months of tinkering with recipes, owner Tim Kodyra, developed the Original sauce in the summer of 2007 - the perfect blend of sweet, heat, and scotch whiskey.  When friends and family raved about the flavor and requested batches for their homes, Tim knew he had something.  By late 2008 the sauce was for sale in local markets.

What makes us different?

Our flavor profiles are what really set us apart – without the use of liquid smoke.  Nearly every BBQ sauce on grocery store shelves contains liquid smoke or “natural smoke flavoring”.  Liquid smoke is a strong (and we think offensive) flavor that makes all the sauces using it taste very similar.  We also designed our rub “MeatLuv” without containing any sugar.  We believe you get a bolder flavor, a better value, and you can add MeatLuv to your grilling without concern for scorched sugar.

Each of our products is unique and bold.  Our customers get “Addicted to smack”  for a reason – we make great tasting sauce and rub.  We believe that great food comes from all natural ingredients – no high fructose syrup, no artificial flavors, and gluten free.

How did we come up with the name “Meatsmack”?

During the initial research and packaging phase in 2008, many names were suggested, but nothing resonated.  Then, it came to us from an unexpected place– a professional cage fight in Las Vegas.  Sitting fourth row, one of us said, “We are so close you can hear the smack of meat!”

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